Turmeric Benefits

The healing power of Turmeric is remarcable for our body.   The root of this plant also known to be among ginger family with special aroma  that has been known to heal many parts of our body.      Turmeric had help me with fogginess, focus.    For this reason alone I wont give up taking turmeric at least 4 times a week in a form of tea, by adding turmeric powder with honey ,and lemon to a glass of water and drinking it every day or by the end of the night before bed.  

Turmeric have  anti-inflammation property and curcuma is the key to help with liver detox.
It will also help to kill cancer cell , it will help with joint pain and digestion, memory and brain health.
With the right diet and excersize and having a turmeric tea every day ,you will notice greater health more happier body and mind.

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