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Beauty Of Earth Rejuvenation Clinic

Holistic Aesthetician & Naturopathic Practitioner

Are you looking for a way to revitalize your skin, boost your spirit, and enlighten your mind? Look no further than Beauty of Earth Rejuvenation Clinic. Under the expertise of Azita Kokab, Beauty of Earth has been offering non-surgical and non-invasive facial treatments for over 25 years. We have recently branched out to provide the complete package, with Mindfulness Classes and Naturopathic Services.

Achieve brighter, firmer, and younger skin with our Jet Peels and other luxury facial treatments. Or learn how to be present in the moment, relieve stress, and get rid of the "COVID blues" with Mindfulness Classes. Let your inner beauty shine though today!

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Jet Peel Treatments

Jet Peel treatments are a new kind of non-invasive skin-care and can provide amazing results in just one appointment. A smooth, cool jet of air and micro-droplets gently exfoliate, hydrate, and plump your skin by stimulating collagen production and exhilarating elasticity, and cleanse your skin leaving your face moisturized, revitalized, and nourished. We are among very few clinics offering this unique experience on the West Coast!


Mindfulness Practice

With the world in a constant state of unrest, Mindfulness is more important than ever. We can help you learn how to look within yourself and appreciate every moment as it comes, accept your emotions as they are, and truly enjoy life even when things are unpredictable. 


Naturopathic Services

Your body is your best medicine as long as you know how to use it. We specialize in Naturopathic care and can help you relieve stress and other ailments by using non-invasive treatments to strengthen and heal your body. Alongside our Mindfulness classes, let us take stock of your lifestyle and help you become the best version of yourself.

Jet Peel

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Jet Peel Facial Treatments near Walnut Creek

Naturopathic Services

Facials near Walnut Creek

Mind • Body • Spirit

Azita is absolutely the best. This is my girlfriend and I’s go to whenever we want to treat ourselves to a is the best place we’ve ever been to and we travel a lot. Azita uses the best products from around the world- US, Europe, and Asia- and your skin feels luxurious ....Read more

Lee Swomley

Ms. Azita is the most talented and skillful spa owner. Her Jet Peel made my face feel so less tense after months of working on ZOOM. She follows all the CA COVID guidelines to the letter too. Have fun and look more pretty this Thanksgiving season. ....Read more

Rita Raissi

Had the Jet Peel facial and so amazing and unique! Love the professionalism and great attitude of Azita! Love the ambiance look of the spa and the out of this world facial! Will try the needle facial next. Price is reasonable. ....Read more

Michael Bolaño

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